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1stBreakup.com deals with the experience incurred when two people ends a relationship, typically a romantic relationship.

Whether you are 16, 36 or 76, a breakup is an emotional event and most often never happens easily or smoothly. In many cases a breakup can be a very traumatic occurrence.

The reasons behind a breakup are numerous, including an array of conflicts such as attraction to another person, conduct of either a physical or spoken nature, lifestyle, personality, social differences and dozens more,

If both parties in a relationship agree upon dissolving a relationship, this is referred to as a breakup. However, if one party determines to dissolve the relationship without the knowledge of the other party, this is referred to as dumping.


Without getting into a long psychological explanation of reasons and directions a breakup takes, we are going to deal more with the daily expectations, results and events that surround a breakup.

The major categories this web site will deal with are the following.

1. How to avoid a Breakup tragedy

2. The Breakup, how to safe guard yourself

3. Preparing for the Breakup

4. Executing the Breakup

5. Learning from a Breakup


This web site does not point a finger or determine the guilty person or persons within a breakup, we deal with how to keep from having a breakup, coping with a breakup and what to do after a breakup occurs. Click on the image below and enter the 1stBreakUp.com web site.

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